Friday, March 15, 2013

Lee to Yankees: Thanks, but No Thanks

Derrek Lee will not be donning new pinstripes.

Derrek Lee will not be coming out of retirement to supplement the Yankees batting order while Mark Teixeira is out of action.

The Yankees had reached out to Lee and other veterans who had either retired or had not yet signed a contract for the coming season. Lee's last year in the bigs was 2011, and as reported by Yahoo's Tim Brown, he decided to keep it that way.

No word yet whether Scott Rolen has any interest in becoming a Yankee. He is reportedly leaning towards retirement.

The Yankees will continue to look at Juan Rivera and Dan Johnson at 1st base, and Ronnier Mustelier across the diamond at third in the meantime.


  1. I'm confused. If Musty can play third, then why look at retreads at 1B? Wouldnt we look at Youk?

  2. Because if Musty doesn't make the team, Youk is the 3rd baseman.