Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Soriano Rumors Soar, Yuke Taking Precautions

Shortly after the New York Yankees included Alfonso Soriano in a trade that brought Alex Rodriguez over from Texas, a female fan told George Steinbrenner how upset she was that her favorite player was traded. Steinbrenner promised the fan that one day he would bring Soriano back.

Steinbrenner was unable to keep his promise and despite rumors all over the internet, it's not likely that Hal Steinbrenner will bring back the free swinging Soriano from the Chicago Cubs either. (Maybe we should give the Steinbrenners partial points for having Rafael Soriano in pinstripes for two years).

There's 36 million reasons why the Yankees won't be picking up Soriano in a deal. The second baseman turned outfielder is due $18MM this season and another $18MM in 2014. With the Yankees expecting Curtis Granderson back in May and the $189MM roster limit set for 2014, I don't see any foreseeable way that Yankees would acquire the 37-year old. (Wasn't he just like 25?)

Soriano was signed by the Yankees after playing in Japan and became the regular second baseman in 2001. He finished third in the AL Rookie of the Year voting with 18 HR and 73 RBI. He would have been remembered as the hero of the 2001 World Series with what would have been a series winning home run, had Mariano Rivera not had a rare meltdown in Game 7 against Arizona. The Yankees though he would develop into the type of player Robinson Cano is today, but Soriano became more and more of a free swinger and was a defensive liability.

As an infielder he had hands of stone and was moved to the outfield by the Washington Nationals in 2006. A seven time All-Star, Soriano topped 30 home runs last year for the first time in 5 years and the 108 RBI he produced was a career high. He's hit 372 career home runs between the Yankees, Nationals, and Cubs. The one-time speedster topped 40 stolen three times and joined the 40-40 club (home runs and steals) for the Nats in '06. However, he's stolen just 22 bases in the last four seasons combined.

No more aches and pains!

Kevin Youkilis has had his own share of physical problems the last few years so when he felt some discomfort in his side the Yankees shut him right down.

It is believed to be an oblique issue and based on what has occurred personally and with the team so far this year, Youkilis is taking Joe Girardi's advice to not rush back to swinging a bat.

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