Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yankees' Martin Goes West...a little

Russell Martin knew he wasn't going to get one of those fancy $13.3MM qualifying offers to stay with the Yankees. He probably didn't mind either; several reports have Martin ready to sign a three-year, $24MM deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Martin took a beating from many Yankees fans who only looked at his overall offensive numbers and ignored his defensive skills and his ability to call a game.

The Yankees now have to decide whether to pursue Mike Napoli, who will certainly want more money than Martin,  trade for a front line catcher, or work with what they've got (Eli Whiteside, Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine).

Au-revoir Monsieur Martin.

UPDATE 11/30: Martin's contract with Pittsburgh is 2 years for $17MM ($2MM of which is a signing bonus).

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