Friday, May 4, 2012

Mariano Verdict: Torn ACL; Goodbye 2012

The MRI of Mariano Rivera's knee revealed what everyone was afraid it would. A torn Anterior Crucuate Ligament (ACL) has ended Rivera's season, which might have be his last anyway. As someone who has torn their ACL (thankfully only a partial, not requiring full reconstruction), I feel Rivera's pain and as a Yankees fan I share the pain of not having Rivera on the mound.

So the question is whether Rivera had decided on retirement after the season, will he come back in 2013 so he goes out healthy? Or does he figure he'll quit while he's ahead, or behind depending on your outlook? Whichever the case, this is NOT the way Yankees fans wanted to see the legend go out.

As for Mo's replacement, David Robertson would seem to be the logical choice based on his strikeouts per nine innings, but Joe Girardi could also go with a proven closer in Rafael Soriano. That would leave Robertson to continue in his dynamite 7th-8th inning role. Phil Hughes could also come into the picture if he continues to struggle as a starter. David Phelps could remain in the rotation with Andy Pettitte replacing Hughes, who would then act as a set up man. Something he excelled at in 2009.

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