Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Core Four Could Be Sliced In Half

No one wants to think about it. No one wants to talk about it. But today could be the last time Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte set foot in Yankee Stadium as active players. Yes, Derek Jeter is also a free agent, but that situation will be worked out one way or another. But the two elder statesman of the Yankees have pondered retirement this year and it is an all too real possibility.

Both have openly discussed that it's crossed their minds. Obviously neither will let on at the conclusion of the Yankees season, whether that be today or tomorrow. But the sad fact is it could happen.

Watching last night's game, I thought back to the 2001 and 2003 teams when the Yankees starting looking old. That '01 team was this close to winning it all, but so fortunate to be in that position. It was a team full of aging stars that were on their last leg or getting close to it.

The current squad is a mix, but many of the key players on the team have had more years behind them then they have ahead of them. Andy Pettitte may have had his swan song with his magnificent seven inning performance in game three. Whether up 10-1 or down 10-1 today, Mariano Rivera better be called in from the pen to ensure "Enter Sandman" is heard at least one more time.

Savor the memories, savor these men. Because you just never know.

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