Monday, June 25, 2007

Roid Rage

Every day and every way I get angrier and angrier at how the likes of Barroid Bonds and Sammy Steroids have tainted the game. While legitimate HR records are being approached by Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, and A-Rod, we have the daily watch of this cheating piece of human filth in San Francisco. The only thing making it worse is how the fans out there are drinking up the Kool-Aid (the Kool-Aid mascot has a smaller head than Barroid).

"He never failed a test!"

"You guys are chicken for not pitching to him"

"He should be sainted" (ok, I made that one up, but that's how it feels)

Until someone else, who is a legitimate ballplayer, comes along to break Hank Aaron's record, he is the record holder. Barroid not only disgraces himself every day, but Hammerin' Hank as well. Aaron was, and is, one of the classiest individuals to ever grace a uniform. His pursuit of Ruth's record and the racially motivated garbage that he had to put up with along way, truly makes him the all-time home run king.

I've said it before, but again I applaud him for not attending Barroid's games. Why should he taint his reputation by association with such a piece of human garbage. And the Giants fans are part of that garbage too. As well as anyone, and I mean anyone, who has tried to make this a racial issue (for that matter Barroid is a disgrace to the African-American community too).

There's no question that the dog and pony show surrounding Jason Giambi is an effort to somehow try to knock down Barroid. Only time is running out. He's only 6 away from tying Aaron.

Getting back to Sammy Steroids, who last week hit his 600th tainted home run. What was remarkable is how Sammy's ability to speak English came back! Amazing. I wonder if he went to a healer? That could be the only explanation for how he completely forgot how to speak English while in front of Congress. And that poof- it's back. What an amazing story.

Barroid, Sammy Steroids, Big steroid-filled Mac, Rafael Palmliar. The only hall they should go into is the Hall of Shame. You all disgust me- now go rot in baseball hell (Kansas City?).

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  1. To your post- who is to say Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Jin Thome, and A-Rod are any less guilty then Bonds? I am completely playing devil's advocate here as I utterly resent the man- but as he has never failed a steroids test, who is to say he is more to blame than any of the above. Granted, I dont find it in either Griffey or Thome's charactor, and A-Rod is a freak of Nature with a swing of gold- but you can't asteric what isnt proven...