Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taken to Task by a Giambi Apologist

Received this anonymous comment this morning (by the way, if you are anonymous how strong can your convictions be?)

Anonymous said...
"Enough with the "apology for nothing" BS. You know the reasons why Giambi didn't say the word steroids and if you were in his shoes and could lose 80 million dollars you wouldn't have said it either. Get off the high horse before you fall off and hurt yourself."

4/25/2006 8:03 AM

Let me start out by saying I don’t have a vendetta against Jason Giambi – what he did doesn’t directly effect me. That being said, Giambi admitted to a grand jury that he used steroids. However, the extent of his steroid abuse is not known to the public. He wasn’t punished by major league baseball. Bud Selig just wanted to sweep things under his rug. (Had Game of Shadows already been published, he probably would have been.) Bottom line, Giambi is a cheat; he cheated the fans and more importantly he cheated major league baseball. The contract you talk about was earned by fraudulent means. If it weren’t for a ridiculously strong player’s union, the Yankees would have torn up the deal in two seconds flat once it was proven (the Yankees obviously knew he was probably taking them) that Giambi used illegal steroids. Finally, you know very well that if Giambi had hit .210 with 5 home runs and 20 RBI last year, you would have kicked him to the curb.


  1. a) Agree with your Giambi comments.
    b) I believe Giambi is back on the Juice. Remember how meek he looked last spring training? He's back to the shirt hanging over the belt, sweat drenched look he had during the juice years.
    c) Funny spoof - http://online-poker-tools.com/blog/?p=4

  2. I wonder if he is on sometime of HGH or some new steroid they've come up with. Players, like Matt Lawton, have done it knowing they could get caught. Giambi seems as big as he ever was. Hope not, but it makes you wonder.