Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Loathe List - Hates a strong word, so I’ll go with Loathe.

For a little change of pace, here are the 10 sports related people I really loathe right now. We'll change this up from time to time.

1. Bud Selig - How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. We had the tie All-Star game. Now we have the All-Star game determine home field advantage in the WS instead of best record. You embarrassed yourself and the game of baseball with your handling of the steroid issue in front of congress. You created a pyramid scheme called the World Baseball Classic and are passing it off as a way to spread baseball throughout the world. You seemingly overlook lopsided trades that don’t include the Yankees. How come the money changing hands in trades always gets approved? Your hair is 2nd only to Donald Trump - okay that has nothing to do with baseball, but really.

2. Terrell Owens - You disgraced yourself, your team, and athletes in general with your constant whining and greed. You’re a great receiver, but you’re an idiot.

3. Curt Schilling - Spring Training hasn’t arrived yet, but the media whore is already talking about the health of his ankle and how great he’ll be and yada, yada, yada.

4. Anna Benson - Hey Anna, guys love hot chicks. Semi-hot chicks who are self-described sluts - not so much. Stop being jealous of the attention your husband gets and disappear.

5. Jeffrey Loria - Prototypical scumbag owner. Granted, the fans don’t exactly turn out for Marlins games, so how do you respond? By watering down the product. They won’t give you a new stadium, so how do you respond? You’ll move. Your team should have been the one contracted not the others that were rumored to be.

6. Barry Bonds - Steroids, ego, full of sh*t. Don’t worry Barry, I’m sure you’ll move up once the season starts.

7. Jeremy Roenick - JR, such a tough, great player. Such a tremendous jackass. Hockey’s version of Curt Schilling. First we had you tell the fans to go ‘f’ themselves about the NHL player’s strike. Then you said that if you weren’t added to the US Olympic hockey team, you would root for the Canadians. Gee, I’m sure that had the members of the USOC quaking in their boots. Time you were put out to pasture.

8. Kobe Bryant - 81 points is quite an accomplishment. You’re a great basketball player. You suck as a person. I’d take LeBron James over you any day.

9. Herman Edwards - Terry Bradway and the Jets front office - This is a shared spot. Herm, you lied about wanting to stay with the Jets and Terry, you lied about wanting him to stay.

10. Scott Boras, Drew Rosenhaus and every other lowlife sports agent. You ruin every sport you touch.

Honorable Mention - The Minnesota Vikings for disgracing themselves.


  1. Hi MM,

    I agree with all your comments except two. I think it's a good idea having the All Star Game decide home field advantage in the World Series. It adds meaning to what would otherwise be just an exhibition... I also thing Selig has FINALLY done a good job dealing with steroids. He has forced the players association to agree to one of the strongest drug testing programs in professional sports.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. While I agree with you that Selig has now put stiffer steroid testing in place, he didn't do it until his hand was forced. He also ignored a very obvious problem for a long time.